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Wednesday 23 November 2011

SIGAda 2011 AdaLabs presentation slides: How to make Ada go viral

How Ada could help the GNU community, what Ada has to bring, and how Ada could help improving the GNU project.

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Tuesday 26 July 2011

AWS GPL 2.10.0 (2011) on Ubuntu 11.04 or Ubuntu 11.10

To successfully build AWS GPL 2011 (2.10.0) on Ubuntu 11.04 and Ubuntu 11.10, the package gcc-multilib need to be installed. Moreover for Ubuntu 11.10, a specific C_INCLUDE_PATH should be defined. When using OpenSSL with AWS, SSL_V2 should also point to SSL_V23 (in aws-gpl-2.10.0-src/config/src/aws-net-ssl__openssl.adb)

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