Dear graphic designers, 'a revolutionary citizen-oriented open-governance platform' is an Open Source initiative that will be launched soon. As an Open Source, Non-Profit project, we are looking support concerning the following:
A. Project Logo Design
B. Main website page design 'HTML5, CSS3, javascript'
C. Platform Front-End Design 'HTML5, CSS3, javascript' (reference front-end implementation available)
D. Two 30 seconds animated  video to explain the project, 'à la moovly [2]'

We launched a Logo Design contest on designcrowd [1], and we wish to invite anyone interested to participate through this platform. We are now aware that this platform is may be not the preferred one of all designers, apologize as we were not aware of any potential concerns, and already activated the guaranteed payment for this job.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are willing to participate in the project (i.e for step A. using designcrowd, or steps B. to D. by getting in touch with

Do not hesitate to spread the word to anyone that could be interested supporting such an initiative


[1]  (account required @designcrowd)